Newsletter 28th February

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Castlemaine Parish Second Sunday of Lent            27th/28th February 2021

“Once Upon a Puddle’’

Once upon a time there was a small pond, little more than a puddle, really. Day after day the fish in the puddle would swim around and around and fight over the water bugs. The little puddle was cradled between the roots of an ancient oak tree, beside a flowing river. One morning, the fish were startled by a sudden splash. An amazing, brightly coloured fish had jumped into their riverside puddle. Its golden scales were luminous in the few rays of light that managed to shine through the muddy water. “Who are you?” one of the puddle fish asked. “And what are you doing here?”                          

The luminous fish smiled, “I come from the sea!” “The sea? What is the sea? “No one ever told you about the sea? Why the sea is what fish are made for. Fish need not swim in circles all day and fight over a few bugs. In the sea, fish can dance on the tides of crystal-clear water! And there is abundance for all!” A pale, grey puddle fish spoke up: “But how do we get to the sea?” “All you have to do is follow me to the river and trust that the current will take you to the sea.”

One of the pond fish, the realist fish, swam forward with a hard, experienced look in his eye: “Talk of the ‘sea’ is fine — but we have to face reality. We know this pond. We know how to hunt for water bugs. We can survive here.” “But you don’t understand,” the luminous fish said. “I come from the sea. I’ve been there. It’s far more wonderful than you can imagine . . .”

But the realist fish sniggered and swam away. The nervous fish then worked up the courage to speak. “Do you mean we’re supposed to jump into that big river?” the nervous fish stammered. “Yes, the way lies through the river,” the luminous fish explained. “Trust me . . .”

But the nervous fish scurried away before the luminous fish could finish. The professorial fish then interjected, “Our distinguished visitor’s proposal deserves consideration. Perhaps we could hold a series of seminars over the next several days and study the impact this will have . . .” The eyes of the luminous fish grew sad. “No, this is a matter of faith. You jump and trust the river will take you to the sea. Will you follow me?”

A few fish, including a very old fish who refused to give up the dream of better things and a young fish who dared to hope in new things, trusted the luminous fish and jumped as he showed them how. And the current swept them to an exciting new life in the great sea. But most of the fish continued swimming in circles, hunting and fighting over water bugs.                       

Like the parable of the puddle, the Gospel of the Transfiguration confronts us with both the promise of faith and what that faith demands of us. On the mountain of the Transfiguration, Peter and the disciples behold both the Jesus of the cross and the Jesus of the empty tomb. It is a vision that holds glorious promise — but a vision that will be realized only at a heavy price. Accepting the God of blessing and joy is one thing, but when God asks us to “jump” — to give readily and humbly and sacrificially, to forgive without limit or condition — then we retreat to the safety of our little “puddles.” The weeks ahead call us to descend the mountain with the “transfigured” Jesus and to take up our crosses, be they physical, emotional, economic, or intellectual, and realize the sacred goodness and value within each one of us that enables us to realize the Easter promise in our own lives.       _______________________________________________

Priest on duty this Sunday

Fr. Kevin Sullivan (087) 6277638

Fr. Danny Broderick 087 9061255

Parish Residence: 18 Ballyoughtragh Heights, Milltown

Rev. Conor Bradley 087 3664057

Parish Office: open Wed. & Fri 9:30-12:30   066-9767312



Safeguarding Children: Contact No (087) 6362780

Masses & intentions online
Sat. Feb. 27th 7:30 p.m.Ciss & Timmy O’Connor, Ross & Diarmuid McMahon, Croughmore Broadcast from Keel Church
Sun. Feb. 28th    10:00 a.m.Sheila O’Sullivan, Cuss, Castlemaine Broadcast from Kiltallagh Church
Tue. Mar. 2nd       7:00 p.m.Broadcast from Listry Church
Wed. Mar. 3rd   9:00 a.m.Broadcast from Milltown Church
Fri. Mar. 5th   7:00 p.m.First Friday                                                          Broadcast from Milltown Church
Sat. Mar. 6th     7:30 p.m.Denis Foley, Fybough Broadcast from Keel Church
Sun. Mar. 7th  10:00 am        Senan & Frances Gibson, Tralee                      Joan, Michael & Paddy Jones & Mary Cross Broadcast from Kiltallagh Church


All Masses will be celebrated without a congregation due to Covid-19 Government Restrictions

Mass is broadcast on 106fm and all Weekend Masses will be streamed online via our new webcam system:

  • Log into
  • Scroll down to the bottom of page to where it says Live Streams
  • Click St. Gobnait’s, Keel for Mass in Keel
  • Click on ► to play
  • Click St. Carthage’s for Mass in Kiltallagh
  • Click on ► to play    

Online Pre-Sacramental Preparation talks for Parents:

The Diocese of Kerry will be hosting an evening for Parents who’s child is going forward for the sacrament of Confirmation. Dr Patricia Kieran will be presenting an online talk – Confirmation Journeying with your child – on Tuesday 2nd March at 7pm. Register online @   For further information: email  / 064 6632644  

Trócaire: Every year Trócaire asks for your help during Lent to fund lifesaving programmes around the world. Families like Awut and Ajak’s in South Sudan need your support  now more than ever. Trócaire are appealing to you to continue your support this Lent. Resources, prayers and videos are available on and donations can be made to the Lent campaign in the following ways:

  1. By collecting a Trócaire box available from the porches of both Keel and Kiltallagh churches. 
  2. Online at
  3. By phone: 1850 408 408 (ROI) or 0800 912 1200 (NI)

The contents of each and every Trócaire box, no matter how small, come together to make a significant difference. This virus knows no borders, but neither does our compassion. Thank you for your continued support. 

Online Workshop for Parish Cantors/Music Directors

In preparation for the season of Easter, the diocese will host an online workshop for parish cantors and music directors.  The workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 24th at 8pm via zoom.  The focus for the evening will be how to approach music and singing for the Easter ceremonies and the Easter season.  The workshop will be led by Tomás Kenny (Diocesan Pastoral Team) and Ailish Walsh (Director of Music at Castleisland Parish).   Please contact Tomás at to register.

Recovery Haven Kerry Cancer Support House will have a 6 week Thriving and Surviving course online via Zoom commencing in March, (date to be considered) from 10.30 am to 1 pm. The course is to help support people recovering after cancer treatment. Please contact Reception on (066 )7192122.

Parish Envelopes: Please note that Spring Dues are now due.

Parish envelopes or Mass intentions can be dropped to the following places:

  • Helena’s Local XL shop in Castlemaine, to a secure box
  • Every Saturday at Keel Church between 3pm – 4.30pm
  • Post Box outside the Parish Office situated at Milltown Church V93 X293
  • Fr Danny’s house at 18 Ballyoughtragh Heights, Milltown

Thank you for your continued support.       

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