Newsletter 7th May

Castlemaine Parish                                                                  Fourth Sunday of Easter – 7th /8th May 2022

Please pray for Maura Gaffney, USA & Brosna, late sister of Fr. Luke Roche

Mass Intentions

Sat. 7th MayKeel     Keel11:00 am     7:30 pmFirst Holy Communion Ceremony – Castledrum NS   Donal & Joan Corcoran, Boolteens
Sun. 8th MayKiltallagh10:00 am 
Tues 10th MayKeel10:00 am 
Thur. 12th MayKeel7.30 pm 
Sat. 14th MayKeel7:30 pmMichael Anderson, London & Lasabee
Sun. 15th MayKiltallagh10:00 am 
     Eucharistic Ministers
Keel7th MayDavid Flahive & William Evans
Kiltallagh8th MayMiriam Ryan & Colm Lynch
Keel14th MayJohn Carmody & Mary Ita Ladden
Kiltallagh15th MayJack Keating & Bernie Nagle
Keel7th MayFamily Readers
Kiltallagh8th MayMiriam Ryan
Keel14th MayGretta Ryan
Kiltallagh15th  MayBernie Nagle
Altar Society
Keel7th MayEileen Murphy & Peggie Kelliher
Kiltallagh8th MayMiriam Ryan
Keel14th MayMargaret Moriarty & Mary Tagney
Kiltallagh15th MayParents of First Holy Communion
  • Second collection next weekend 14th/15th May is for Education of Clergy.
  • Castlemaine Offertory Collection: €620.00  Míle Buíochas
  • Second Friday Holy Communion Calls will be on Friday 13th May.
  • Please pray for Doreen Maria Nicholson, nee Flynn, Shanahill West whose anniversary occurs around this time.

Priest on Duty: Fr. Danny Broderick 087 9061255

Castlemaine Parish Accounts                                 2021                                        2020

Income                                                                    €                                              €

                Offertory                                                 37,820                                     25,116

                Shrines                                                    11,566                                     5,100

                Special Collections                                     1,760                                      816

                Bequests, Donations                                                     800                                          0        

                Sundry                                                       1,620                                     4,275

                Tax Rebate                                                 7,842                                     5,756

                                                                                ______                                    ______

                                                                                61,408                                     41,063


                Repairs, maintenance                                               4,996                                      10,201

                Missalettes                                                                    260

                Light and Heat                                           6,697                                     7,391

                Altar requisites                                              349                                    4,950

                Wages/gratuities                                       13,212                                     5,157

                Printing, postage, stationery                        3,117                                    2,880

                Telephone                                                                   2,353                                    1,272

                Insurance                                                    5,625                                    6,142

                Rates and service charges                               324                                         0

                Pastoral/Educational                                    3,127                                   2,140

                Diocesan administration levy                                    11,792                                         0

                Professional Fees                                         1,856                                    1,406

                Miscellaneous                                              1,715

Donations                                                                                                                2,878

                Bank charges                                                  198                                     182

                Shrines                                                        1,434                                   1,465

                Property Tax                                                      0                                     445

                                                                                57,005                                     46,509


Financial Support of our Parish. As in any household, bills need to be paid and a little put away for a rainy day. A parish is no different in that sense. There is a generous commitment by many people in supporting the parish each week. This generosity is deeply appreciated. That said, it would be desirable if this need was met by a greater number of parishioners. It would ensure that expenses for lighting, heating, insurance etc. would be met by all who benefit from church services – ranging from baptisms to weddings to funerals, as well as daily and weekly Mass. If you would like to be included in the list of parishioners who contribute on a regular basis, please contact The Parish Office. A parish envelope system is in place and a box of envelopes will be forwarded to you. There is also the opportunity to contribute by setting up a standing order if this would be easier for you.  As you may see from the Parish Financial Statement, the parish benefits greatly from a tax rebate. If a parishioner contributes €250 or more per annum to the parish, it is possible for the parish to claim a tax rebate. In the past, each parishioner was issued with an individual note informing them of their annual contribution. To continue with this practise using the computer programme that is in place would be very time consuming. However, if any parishioner would like to know what their annual contribution to the parish is, please contact the Parish Secretary and this will be forwarded to you. It is preferable that this request would be made by email or by sending a note to the Parish Office. Míle Buíochas